Giving back

I've neglected this blog for a long time. I've always been trying to figure out what best to do here and recently it became obvious. I, like many developers, search for answers constantly online. Some of which I find, and others I have to figure out for myself. I'm going to dedicate this blog to the answers that I had to come up with myself. Expect to see future posts in regard to, but definitely not limited to: Java, C, Linux, OSGi, Maven, Ant, Jetty, Servlets, XML/Jaxb, Intellij, REST, etc.

For too long have I only consumed, I now feel a need to give back, and since my son was born, I have all this spare time to do it too ;)

For anything personal, i.e. not tech related, you'll need to look to Facebook or Google+ for that.


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